Sherwood Gardens





The little one and I went u to see the tulips at Sherwood Gardens in Baltimore, Maryland with some friends. The sun was shining, the day was warm, and the tulips were bright and as happy as we were. We all soaked up the sun while sharing a picnic. The kids all ran around and pretended to do cartwheels in the green grass. It was a lovely day.

Crayon Dog




I found this long wooden dog at my local 2nd hand store for $1 a few years ago. I’ve been meaning to fix it up for a long time. But now that that little one is really into coloring pictures with crayons like mad, I had no time to waste. So, I sanded it down to remove the varnish and the painted on face and I used acrylic paints to paint the two sides hot pink and the middle yellow. Then I used Mod Podge to glue on some starry scrapbook paper for ears. I used a super fine tip permanent marker to draw on a simple face and filled up all the holes with some new crayons! It holds 64 crayons! Color on!

Tiffin Carrier

IMG_2990I love all things bento. I love the food, the shapes, the creativity. It is all fun and fun to eat. Lately, I have also been trying to reduce my impact on the environment as well as remove harmful chemicals from my home. I had a tiffin carrier (a lunch box popular in India) handpainted for me and it came all the way from India!! It is made of stainless steel and can be used over and over again. I ordered it from Trove India Homewares¬†and I love it. Can’t wait to make some yummy lunches to fill it up with!

Cair Paravel Farm






Cair Paravel is a self sustained, family operated farm. They grow and make their own food and try to impact the earth as little as possible. The owners are Whitt and Martha, and they are so kind and warm. They take such great care of the plants and animals. Whitt used to be an executive chef and they’ve lived all over the country (including Hawaii), but they’ve chosen to live off the land and it’s absolutely beautiful.


Whitt and Martha have sheep, goats, ducks, chickens, turkeys, and guinea fowls. They make their own cheeses, lotions, and soaps from the goat’s milk. Martha spins her own wool and makes beautiful blankets. They bake delicious breads using the protein rich duck eggs. They let us see just a little bit, and it was so wonderful. We all got to go into the hen house and the little one even got to pick up a freshly laid chicken egg. She said it was still warm.





Our eggs from the hen house. The brown one and the grey ones are from the chickens. The larger, white one is a duck egg. The little one loved her egg so much, she took a nap with it next to her :)


Thank you so much, Whitt and Martha for giving us a tour of your beautiful farm and lovely life. It’s a lifestyle I aspire to.

Camp Ahn!









Our little family went cabin camping at a farm called Cair Paravel in the Shenandoah Mountains of Virginia. We enjoyed the great outdoors, went on nature walks, made campfires, cooked camp food and s’mores (made from Peeps!), played games, and goofed around. The beautiful and peaceful mountains were our landscape and it was good for our souls. We loved every moment of Camp Ahn.





Painting Rocks


049On our family cabin camping trip, we walked along some trails for our nature hikes. The little one and I picked up rocks, pinecones, and other treasures and brought them back to our cabin. We painted them up using acrylic paint (some of the colors even glow in the dark). Then after they dried, we stuck on some googly eyes. They came out pretty cute and funny. And we had such great mementos of our wonderful time enjoying the great outdoors.

Rainbow Fruit Loops Addition Game


We love rainbows around here. And when I saw this Rainbow Math Game on Pinterest, I couldn’t resist making one for our little family. I cut 1 inch strips of colorful paper and glued them onto a light blue sheet. Then I cut out a long cloud shape and put a happy face on it. Then I ran it through the laminator, so that we can wipe off and play over and over again.


The game is easy to play. Start on red. Roll the dice, add up the 2 numbers, and then place the total number of red fruit loops onto the red strip. Then do the orange, yellow, so on and so on. At the end, we had the best time eating them all up!