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Welcome to Pencil & Thread!

This is our blog to share the things we enjoy in life and connect with other families and friends. We chose the name to represent a bit of ourselves and the things we’ll write about here.

June: I am a dad and professor at the University of Maryland. Research is my job and my areas of expertise are in children, technology, and education. I also take great pleasure in the weird ways that dads like me experience the world. I hope to share the things that I learn like new research about parenting and stories of dad-hood. We put up a section called “Nerdy Dad” just for this purpose.

Emy: I am a mom and an occupational therapist. I love to craft, make things, sew, take pictures, play, and enjoy the beauty in life. I was born, raised, and spent most of my adulthood in Southern California. A few years ago, June and I moved out to Maryland, and life is always a new adventure. We had a little girl together and truly enjoy exploring anything we can around our new home. For me, this blog is about sharing things that I love: my family, crafting, food, our adventures, and my life!

Thank you for reading!

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