Woodland Terrarium







The Little One and I made some teeny tiny woodland terrariums using an assortment of tiny treasures. Some of these treasures I’ve had a for years and never knew what to do with them. Others, I just recently found which ignited the idea behind the project. And finally, I had some leftovers pieces from previous projects.

The cloche tops are plastic wine glasses from the Dollar store. There’s 6 in a package for $1. I used a hand saw to carefully trim down the stem, then replaced it with an acorn top using hot glue. The wooden base is from Michaels and there were 8 in a package for a few dollars.

For those that are curious about where I curated some of the items from, here’s a list of from what I can remember:

  1. Porcelain Fox – from our local zoo. From a company called Little Critterz (I think there are some on eBay).
  2. Porcelain Llama – same as 1. above.
  3. Mini Gnome – from Michaels in the miniature department. It was painted with other colors (and had a kinda scary face, so I painted it white then repainted the whole thing using colors I preferred).
  4. Mini Mushrooms – from Michaels (from various years though. The super tiny ones are from maybe 3 years ago).
  5. Mini Deer – from Hobby Lobby Christmas section
  6. Mini Pumpkin – from Michaels (many many years ago)
  7. Mini Trees – from Hobby Lobby and Michaels from various years
  8. Mini Wagon – from Michaels in the miniature department
  9. Mosses – from World Market
  10. Mini Berries on Vine, Flower Stamens, Berry on Chenille Stick – all from Parcel (a local store that sells beautiful tiny and vintage treasures in Montclair, NJ)
  11. Acorn Toppers – found outside while walking the dog

Because I am particular, I also used clear nail polish on some of the plastic/matte pieces to give them a porcelain-like sheen.

The Little One loved this project, just due to the tininess of everything and the cuteness of it all. We turned on the Amélie soundtrack and designed our layouts. Then I used hot glue to glue all her pieces down onto the wooden disk. Then I used Elmer’s Washable Clear School Glue (because we had it around the house) to secure the cloche to the wooden disk. The Little One wants to tie a string onto them to hang them from the tree. She comes up with the cutest ideas. This project took years to come together, but it was a dream come true.




Emy Ahn

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