Hinamatsuri Cork Craft


Happy Hinamatsuri everyone! March 3 is Girl’s Day (Hinamatsuri) in Japan where girls are celebrated in hopes of a prosperous and joyous life. Traditionally, an emperor and empress doll are put up along with the court (the Sanin Kanjyo and Gonin Bayashi) to ward off bad spirits and commemorate the holiday. This year, we made a whole court using champagne corks. The little one drew all of their faces, putting eyelashes on all the girls, and making some of the boys wink. So. Stinking. Cute. I painted on some hair on each one using acrylic paint and used some handmade origami paper to wrap around each cork. They turned out so cute! This is my most favorite craft that we’ve made together!! I’m going to treasure this one forever! And it’s going to go up every year (even if it smells like champagne! Haha!)!


Emy Ahn

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