Bat Craft

Hello, from a new state! Our little family has moved to New Jersey and we are slowly settling in in our new home. It is not easy to unpack, get daily things done, and entertain the Little One, but things are getting better on a daily basis. But, Halloween is near! And I’ve been planning this craft for years (yes, years, but never got around to getting it done). But, when there’s so much to do, what’s the best way to get it done? Throw it off to the the side and get your craft on! Haha!


I had seen on Pinterest a few bat crafts made from toilet paper rolls. I had a collection of large paper rolls from mailing tubes of various sizes. I’ve kept them over the years for this very craft. So I rounded them all up along with some paint, glue, glitter, and cereal boxes to make our bat decorations.


The little one and I painted the paper tubes black and waited for them to dry. IMG_6384

Then, in the meantime, I cut out some wings from some cereal boxes around the house. We painted those black then used Mod Podge to stick glitter all over them. Then waited for those to dry.


Then, we used a hot glue gun to stick the wings onto the back and added a happy face using white paint. We made a copper one too!


We added them to our new mantle and then it looked like Halloween exploded at our house. But we love them! They were years in the making, but they came out so cute! Happy Halloween, everyone!


Emy Ahn

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