Margot’s 10th Birthday Party!




Happy birthday, little Margot! The Little One wanted her to have a circus themed birthday party and dress her up like a lion. So I took a piece of elastic and tied a bunch of tan yarn around it, then split apart each strand of yarn to create the mane. Then the Little One and I made her a birthday sign, party hats, and blew up a bunch of balloons! Later, after everyone came home, we gave her peanut butter cups and sang her Happy Birthday!! It was crazy fun!



Oh Margot, you are such a wonderful dog. You’ve been with us for 10 years! We love how you bring us so much joy and laughter every day. You are such a sweet, clumsy, and kind companion. You snore so loud, snort in our faces, eat silly things you shouldn’t, but we especially love your stinky cuddles. You are the best dog in the whole world. We love you!!!!!! Happy birthday, Margot!

Emy Ahn

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