Toilet Paper Roll Cactus DIY

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Whenever my mom comes to visit us, she always asks, “why do you have toilet paper rolls all over your house?” Well, today, I have the answer! The little one and I made some cacti out of a bunch of toilet paper rolls. They were so easy and fun to make. They took very little time. Even with the painting and drying, it was still a quick project (if you have a bunch of toilet paper rolls handy).

All we used were toilet paper rolls, scissors, various green acrylic paint, black acrylic paint, and craft pom poms. I just cut the toilet paper rolls using scissors. From left to right: I cut a slightly curved line more than halfway down the roll. Then I cut a vertical line right next to it and removed the leftover triangle. Then I cut a second vertical line about a few centimeters from the last line and near the top of the tube, I made a sharp curve.


From left to right: Starting from the other side of the tube, I repeated the above pattern. The first picture on the bottom left is the view from the back after I finished cutting. Then I made a horizontal cut near the bottom to cut off the back excess (second picture). Then I bent the little arms out towards the front.

At the end, I curved top of the body and both arms. Ta~da!


Then we roughly painted them different shades of green. Once dry, we roughly painted on the lines using black paint and a super skinny paintbrush. Then, we used hot glue to glue on the little pom poms.


IMG_4158Here they are in all their glory! My little one said, “Mommy, making and coloring cactuses from toilet paper rolls makes me happy.” Love my girl.


Emy Ahn

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