Mini Dollhouse Spoons



I have a set of acrylic spoons from Sabre, a French Flatware company. I bought some teaspoons and some demi-tasse spoons as a Mommy&Me kind of thing. The whole family loves to eat yogurt, ice cream, and all other yummies using the spoons. We made some teeny-tiny little spoons using some Shrinky-Dink paper and permanent markers.


I just cut out a spoon shape and used the permanent markers to decorate them to look like our sets. Then we put them in the toaster oven for a few minutes, and then they shrank into teeny-tiny little spoons! Haha! We love Shrinky-Dinks in our house. We make all kinds of little charms and trinkets all the time, but this one was just too cute! The dolls have their own Sabre spoons!



Emy Ahn

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