Camp Ahn! Prep


Baby Bear Wear


Mama Bear Wear


Papa Bear Wear

Our little family is going on a much needed getaway! We are going trailer camping in Virginia for 3 days. I’m so excited! Starting to pack our bags, and the weather is supposed to be fantastic (which is rare for this time of year in the DC area). WOO HOO!

Papa Bear’s T-shirt was from Amazon. Baby Bear’s Camp Ahn T-shirt is custom made by me! I created a design on my computer and printed it out onto Heat Transfer Paper. Then I followed the instructions on the package, and ironed it onto a T-shirt I picked up at Old Navy.

I crocheted the little beanie following this video, and sewed a huge hot red pom pom on top. It’ll come in handy in the evenings around a campfire! Can’t wait to go! CAMP AHN!


Emy Ahn

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