Rainbow Cake


The little one wanted a Rainbow Unicorn birthday party. So I wanted to make her a rainbow cake for the big day. I’ve never made a layered cake before, let alone a rainbow cake, but I thought I’d try it. Luckily, it turned out to be a success. Phew!

For the cakes, I used 2 boxes of white cake mix, Neon food coloring, and standard food coloring, and 9 inch baking pans.IMG_0948

I mixed the cake according to the instructions on the box, but instead of dividing the batter into 2, I divided it into 3 separate bowls. I did this with the other box too, so I had 6 bowls of batter. Then I mixed in some food coloring: 5 drops of the pink from the Neon pack, 6 drops of the standard yellow, 5 drops of the Neon green + 4 drops of the standard blue, 10 drops of the turquoise from the Neon pack, and 5 drops of the purple from the Neon pack. Then I baked each color in a 9 inch baking pan. I had 2, 9 inch baking pans, so I baked 2 of them at a time. Overall, this part took about 2 hours.


Once the cakes were out of the oven and little warm still, I used an 8 inch bowl to cut out an 8 inch cake from the 9 inch original cake. IMG_0947

Then, I let the 8 inch cakes cool, and wrapped them individually in Saran Wrap, then wrapped them with aluminum foil, and then froze them. Then the night before the party, I took the cakes out of the freezer and let them thaw. Then I made some buttercream frosting and just put some frosting on top of one cake and stacked on the next layer. It didn’t turn out the way I had originally planned, but I think it came out better!! Making cakes is really hard, next time, I will leave it to the pros!!


Emy Ahn

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