The Crayola Factory




OMG!! Our little family drove up to Easton, Pennsylvania to visit the Crayola Experience (or the Crayola Factory as the little one calls it). It was SO MUCH fun!! There are so many things to do and see! They have a ton of interactive activities that are great for all ages!!crayola2072

The first thing we did was design our own crayon wrapper. It was so amazing! They have 5 colors to choose from and the little one got to type in her own name. We even used a device to place the wrapper on the crayon ourselves! It was such a great keepsake of our trip!


The Crayola Factory has 4 levels of fun. And they truly fill up every inch. We even watched a short demonstration show on how they make the crayons. There are coloring and craft stations everywhere with clay, paint, and of course, crayons. We even got to make a coloring page with our faces on it!



One of the most fun activities was the Color Alive experience. We colored a coloring page on paper, then brought it to a computer where it makes your coloring come to life!! Once it’s on the screen, you can interact with it – make it do things and even change the background. The little one LOVED this experience! June and I definitely loved it too!!



On the top floor they have a bunch of activities that involve melting crayons. We colored a picture using melted wax. They also have machines that melt crayons into little shapes. We also made a spin art using melted crayons. It was really fun!




At the end of our day, we visited the Crayola Shop where they have a giant wall of crayons to fill your own box. The little one and I had a lot of fun filling up our container with beautiful colors.





We all has such an amazing time at the Crayola Factory!! It was SO much fun!!

Emy Ahn

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