Homemade Non-Slip Socks


As the cool fall air is settling in around us in Maryland, I like to get all cozy. I found some super adorable socks in the Target $1 bin. I bought a few for my little one to run around the house in, but our floors are quite slippery with just socks on our feet. So I turned them into non-slip socks.


All I needed were some cute socks and some 3D Puffy Fabric paint. I just inserted a folded up paper into each sock (so that the paint won’t bleed through the other side). Then, my little one and I painted on some stripes or dots onto the bottoms of each sock.

008 (2)

Then, I pressed the paint down with some scrap paper and let them dry overnight. My little one asks, “why are the foxes crying?” haha.


That’s it. Now we have a few non-skid socks to wear around the house this fall season!! I love the autumn weather and these socks are going to be great for keeping her little toes cozy!

Emy Ahn

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