Glass Making Experience – Date Night


June and I went out with some friends to McFadden’s Art Glass Studio in Baltimore, MD. They have a Date Night twice a month, where you can watch a demonstration of glass blowing, then make your own project. We just loved the idea of making something together to commemorate our 6th year of marriage.


It was such a great experience. Everyone in the studio is super nice and did a wonderful job of making us feel safe (it’s super duper hot in there) and confident that we could make something. There were many items to choose from and June and I chose to make an egg-shaped paperweight.

The process was really interesting: on a bar, there is a bit of molten glass. We were assisted in dipping it into small pieces of colored glass. Then, they dipped it into the molten glass again to add another coat. Then we twisted it to make the colors swirl inside. Then June got to use a handy wooden egg shaper tool. I got to wear some Kevlar oven mitts to catch the egg once June tapped it off the metal rod. Phew, it was kinda scary to do, but we were so happy to make something amazing together.


Our friends made a swirly-rimmed bowl and got to do some glass blowing. We were all so happy to have a fun night out and share this experience together!!


Emy Ahn

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