Father’s Day Dad Bag


My husband is the best Daddy in the whole world. On the days I go to work, he and my little one go on adventures. They go to craft fairs and get their faces painted, go to dairy farms and eat homemade ice cream, they go to farmer’s markets and get groceries. I love to hear about their stories when I get back from work. But there’s always a part of the story where my husband says, “oh and I didn’t have ________”, or “I didn’t have any place to put all the stuff we made”, etc. So I decided for Father’s Day I would make him a Dad Bag. A bag where he could carry some water, wipes, and hold all of their crafted stuff in. I found a fabric years ago and thought this was a perfect way to use it. The little guys look just like him. Just. Like. Him. No. Kidding. Widow’s peak, glasses, hairstyle, AND it says, “Best Dad Ever”. Perfect.

dadbagHaha!! I just sewed a horizontal panel on top of a black canvas bag I picked up at the craft store. I filled it up with a personalized mug, personalized luggage tag, and sour gummies (his absolute favorite). We love you, “My Daddy” as my little one loves to call him. You are the best father in our little family. No one cares and loves all the “girls” in the house as much as you do. Happy Father’s Day.

Emy Ahn

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