Vintage Pyrex

026I have a small collection of vintage Pyrex and Fire King bowls. I have found all of them at my local 2nd hand shop and have paid around $0.90 to $4.90 for a bowl. I love how colorful and cheery they are. They make cooking and serving fun (since the food that I serve in them is questionable).

I was on my way to work one morning, and I stopped by an estate sale. I came across this adorable demi tasse tea set for 4 bucks. So I picked it up, and gave it to my little one when I came home. Now she has her own little set of enameled milk glass.
025** After reading the internet and seeing that there is a potential of lead in the Pyrex bowls, I will not be using them for cooking anymore. Just for decoration. :(

Emy Ahn

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