Our little family made it all the way up to Vancouver, British Columbia. While we were there, we each had some street food from the world-famous food cart, JAPADOG. OMG, the hype is all real. Their slogan, “Making the world happy and alive through hot dogs” is 100% true. It was D-licious! I had the Terimayo: a hot dog with Teriyaki sauce, mayo, and shredded nori (seaweed). So. Good. The flavors are just right. Not too saucy, salty, or overpowering. It is just perfection. June had the Okonomi: okonomiyaki made into a hot dog – cabbage, okonomiyaki sauce, and katsuobushi (bonito flakes). Very tasty. We got the little one a plain dog, but after she saw us taking pictures of ourselves taking bites of our food, she said, “take a picture of me too!” Haha!

Today is definitely a Japadog Day (and another day too because we ate it twice – so delish)!

Emy Ahn

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