Things to do with Daughter: Make a Video Game

File this away under “awesome things to do with my daughter”. Check out this dad and daughter who created a simple video game together that has charmed the world over. The video is inspiring, but also touches on some big ideas that I think about as a dad (and will write more about on this blog):

(1) Creating things with technology is a powerful activity!! Children not only gain skills and confidence in things like programming, but they also accumulate positive experiences that stick, and that they bring with them to their future decisions about school, hobbies, career etc.

(2) I feel like it’s a little daunting to do a project like this. This dad is a game programmer already, so he’s got some tech skills to do this with his daughter… BUT there’s a growing number of software tools like Scratch that might ease the process for us dads and kids. I’ll do some digging and experimenting and report our experiences here.

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